IR Blaster Smart Universal Remote Controller

WiFi IR Blaster Smart Universal Remote Controller

Device Specification 

Model IR Blaster Smart Universal Remote Controller
Power Input DC 5V/1A(Micro Usb2.0)
Stand-by Power ≤0.5W
Infrared distance ≤10m (affected by the environment)
IR control direction Multi-way
Operating Temperature 0~50°C(32~122℉)
Operating humidity ≤85%RH
Connection type 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Supported Frequency 38KHZ
APP SUPPORT Android 4.0/IOS 8.0 above

Indicator Light Status


Light Status
Operating Status
On The device is not configured yet
Blinks rapidly/slowly The device is ready to connect/be configured
Off The device is correctly configured and connected
Blinks once The device is working and sending one command
How to reset? Press and hold the button for 5 seconds and the indicator will start blinking rapidly



Follow these steps to connect your WiFi IR Blaster Smart Universal Remote Controller

1: Download the Smart Life App

  • Scan the QR code to download the “Smart Life” App from the App Store or Google Play.

2: Registration or login

  • If you need to signup for an account press the registration button “Register” and then follow the instructions to create an account
  •  If you already have an account then proceed to add a new device by clicking the “+” icon on the top right section of the app

3: Configure the device and get it ready to connect

Preparation: Make sure the device is plugged into electricity and your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz network.

Note: this device only supports 2.4G networks. If you have a 5G network, please disconnect the 5G network so it reverts to 2.4Ghz.

  1. Tap the “+” icon at the top right corner to start adding a device.
  2. Select the “Others” menu from the left side menu.
  3. Choose Universal Remote Control as the device type.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds until the light indicator starts blinking rapidly.
  5. Input your WIFI Network and Password.
  6. Select the option “Confirm the indicator is blinking rapidly” and tap next.
  7. Once the device is linked and connected you will be able to change its name to whatever suits you and then you can start adding remote controls to it

Adding a device that uses IR Remote

To add a new device to control through the Smart IR Hub follow these steps:

  • Tap the Smart IR Hub that you just added
  • Tap the “+” icon in the middle of the App screen
  • Choose the type of device you would like to add (in this example we are choosing a TV)
  • Choose the brand of the device you would like to add (in this example we are choosing LG)
  • A remote control will appear representing your TV Remote, most brands have 10-50 codes preinstalled if one doesn’t work try the next one
  • If the TV remote works and the TV responds to the mobile device buttons you can tab “Select This one”
  • Now you can go back and rename the device you’ve just added to remember it easily or to connect it to smart assistants

That’s about it, now you can easily control your TV from your mobile phone!

DIY Function: Do It Yourself (for unsupported devices)

If you can’t find your device in the list of available appliances/brands/devices then you can use the DIY function which allows you to copy any remote control function and map it to your phone. Follow the below steps to do so

Step 1: As usual tap the “Add Remote Control” button

Step 2: Scroll down and tab the DIY button

Step 3: Choose a device you would like to add in this example we are choosing “Light”.

Step 4: Choose a brand in this example we are using “other” for a generic LED light strip.

Step 5: You will see a generic remote that looks like the ones you use for the LED light strips, now you can hold a button on your phone for example the “ON” button and then you will get a notification asking you to press the button on the remote while the remote is facing the WiFi IR Blaster Smart Universal Remote Controller the device will detect the signal and map it to that button

Step 6: Continue adding the buttons until you’ve added all the buttons that you need to use from the remote control

Step 7: If you run out of buttons you can tab the “More” button and continue adding additional buttons after the initial ones are done

That’s it!

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