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Smart Dimmer Switches for Dimmable Lights: Features of Smart Light Dimmer Switches
Smart light switches help you to control the lights remotely. You can simply use the app or give voice commands to control it.
However, there are only a few switches that come with a dimming option. It helps you to change the brightness of the light and set it according to the mood and ambience.
These smart light switches are known as Smart Dimmer Switches. It helps you to dim the lights and adjust the brightness.
Smart Light Dimmer Switches:
These are smart switches for lights with an additional function called dimming. This function helps you to dim the lights. If you want to adjust the brightness of the light, you can use the touch control given on the switch or use the app.
You can also use voice commands to dim the lights. On dimmer switches, there are three control options instead of one.
The first one is the power option. This option helps you to turn the power on or power off the light. Then there is an upward arrow which is located on top of the power option. 
It helps you to increase the brightness of the light. Below the power option, there is a downward arrow which helps you to lower the brightness.
You can use these controls accordingly to change the brightness of the light and adjust it as per your mood.
Features of Smart Dimmer Switches:
Smart Light Dimmer Switches not only help you to adjust the brightness of the light but contains many other features as well. Here are some of the best features of Dimmer lights.

Hands-Free Voice Control:

If you already have Alexa or Google Assistant in your home, you can connect it with the Smart Dimmer Switch to change the light settings. There is no need to use your hands or travel all the way to the switch. You can simply give voice commands for the switch to change the lights. For example, you can say “Alexa dim the light to 50%”. After this command, the dimmer switch will cut the brightness by 50%. 

Timing Function:

This function helps you to set a scheduled time for the lights to turn on and turn off. You can set a timer for the morning at 6 am. So when the clock strikes 6, the lights will switch on their own and wake you up. You can also set a timer for the light to switch off. You can easily set a timer for the switch.

Wi-Fi Remote Control: 

If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or runs on an active cellular network, you can use the internet to download an app for the switch. There are different apps for different types of switches. For example, you can install the Smart Life App in your phone to control the light switch remotely with your phone. If you leave the lights on while going to work, you can use the app from your workplace to switch off the light switch.

Share Device:

You can use this option if you want to share the control app with other people in your family. It works in a group system as well. Any member from your family who has access can use their phone to control the switch. You can manage one switch with multiple phones.

Dimmable Light Bulb: 

To use dimmer switches, you need to use a dimmable light bulb. You can either use CFL’s or LEDs with the switch. It works on with dimmable light bulbs.

Add Features:

This feature actually helps you to add more features in the smart switch. It uses IFTTT protocol. IFTTT = If this, then that. You can use this feature to add conditions to control the lights. For example, you can set “if someone comes near the switch then switch the lights on”. This way, when someone comes near the switch, the motion sensor will detect it and the light with turn on. You can add various functions with the help of this feature.
These are some of the best features of smart light dimmer switches. If you want to avoid the cost of installing different shades of light, you can switch to a Smart dimmer switch with dimmable lights.