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Smart IR Remote Control: Control All the Home Appliances with Your Smartphone
Do you know what the most annoying thing in the world is?
It is searching for the remote to control the appliances in your house.
Nowadays, most people use multiple appliances in their homes. And with numerous devices come multiple remotes.
Unfortunately, it is relatively easy to lose the remote. Once it is lost, you will have no other option but search for it for hours.
However, with a smart IR hub remote control, you don’t need to look for any remote. You can simply use your smartphone and transform it into a universal remote.
Smart IR Hub:
It is a device that helps you to control all the remote-controlled appliances in your home with your smartphone.
All the appliances which require infrared light signals to work can be operated with the universal remote app on your smartphone.
It replaces your old remote. The best thing is that it is compatible with most devices like TV, home theatre, air conditioner, DVD player, etc.
If you are tired of always searching for the remote or changing the batteries, again and again, this Smart Remote Hub is perfect for you.
As it is a smart device, you can easily connect it with the Wi-Fi in your house. After that, you can install the universal remote controller in your smartphone and operate the devices in your home.
Why do You Need to Use Smart Remote Hub?
Apart from making your life comfortable, you can use Smart Hub Remote Control for various other reasons.

Compatible with IR and RF: 

This smart device is compatible with devices that require infrared remote and radiofrequency remotes. You can use this device to control all the devices in your house. It helps you control the air conditioner, fan, lights, set-top box, TV, roller blinds, switches, etc.
It comes with thousands of in-built remote codes. You can use it for any brand of appliances.

Multiple Remote Controls:

It supports not only IR remote but also RF remote. You can use it for multiple remote controls. There are multiple codes in the device that help you control the light switch, blinds, shades motor, etc. Apart from that, it also helps in a faster response. You don’t have to wait to control the device.

Remote Control App:

This smart device helps you to use a remote control app on your phone to control the devices. You can connect your phone with Wi-Fi or any 4G network to operate the device. Unlike traditional remote control, you don’t need to stand in front of the device to control it. You can give the commands from any place. For example, if you are traveling home from work, you can give commands to switch on the AC before you reach home.

Voice Control:

This is the best feature of this device. Apart from operating the devices from the App, you can also control them with voice commands. If you have Google Assistant or Alexa, you can easily give the commands to operate the device. For example, you can ask Alexa to switch on the TV for you.

Copy Functions:

If you cannot find the control for a specific device in the remote, you can use the copy function to copy the remote’s function. It will help you to add customize functions. For example, if there is no remote operating the DVD player, you can use the original remote to copy the functions. It will help you to operate the DVD player on your phone.


This smart device is very affordable. You don’t need to shell out a hefty amount to purchase. It will cost you nearly $20 to $30. If you have lost your remote or can’t afford to change the batteries, again and again, this device is a smart choice.
These are some of the reasons to invest in a good Smart IR Hub remote control for your smart home. It will help you to save a lot of money.