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Smart Sensors: Types of Smart Home Sensors
Smart Home WIFI Sensors have bought a revolution in our life. This technology helps us to sense an upcoming problem or issue.
Most of the smart home devices use inbuilt sensors to perform the tasks. Devices like a smart security camera and smart doorbell use this technology.
It helps you avoid dangers and keeps your house safe when you are not around. Sensors are the key that makes smart devices work.
Smart Home Sensors:
It is a device that has a built-in computing system. It takes the input from an environment and performs specific functions according to the input.
In simple words, it is a device that can detect unusual changes in the environment by sensing them. When it senses or detects something, it processes the data and passes certain commands.
Smart Home WIFI Sensors use IoT technology to carry out the functions. You need to connect the sensor to your Wi-Fi to carry out the functions.
For Example, if you install a Smart Home Motion Sensor near your door when you are not around, it will send you an alert notification directly on your phone if someone comes near the door or forcefully tries to open it.
Types of Smart Sensors:
There are many different types of smart sensors you can use to keep your home safe. Most of the people who go on vacations use smart sensors for home security.

Smart Home Motion Sensors:

It is the most common type of smart sensor. As the name goes, the sensors get triggered by motion. It detects motion with the help of an infrared beam. When someone comes near there is a change in temperature which acts as a motion trigger. It can also use ultrasonic waves to detect motion. This smart sensor is present in security systems. You can also use this smart sensor in your house to keep your kids and family safe. Some sensors make noise while others produce red lights to indicate danger. You can connect this smart sensor with your phone and Wi-Fi as well. It can easily track motion near your house or outside your home. It stores all the tracking history as well. It also helps you in remote monitoring and operates in ultra-long standby mode. You can use your phone for real-time monitoring of your house.

Door and Window Sensor:

This is another type of standard smart sensor for your house. You can use this sensor near your door and window. It uses a motion sensor to detect open and closed doors. You can check the status of the doors and windows in your house if you are on vacation. You can connect this smart sensor with the Wi-Fi in your home. You can also connect it with your smartphone. It works remotely with an app as well as voice commands. If you are worried that someone might break into your house when you are away, this device will help you. It will help you in real-time monitoring of the doors and windows. You can use your phone to check the status. Smart sensors are very easy to use. You don’t need a hub setup to use. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can use it easily. You can use it in all types of doors and windows, including garage doors, garden doors, etc. Most of the smart sensors are battery-powered. You don’t need to connect it with an outlet to use it.

Flood and Water Leakage Sensor:

This type of sensor helps you to detect water leakage in your house. Most of the time, we forget to close the taps in our house. It leads to a flood-like situation. This type of sensor has a high-sensitivity to leakages. If there is a leakage in any part of your house, you will get alerts. You can connect your smartphone and use it to monitor the leakage in different parts of your house. If there is a flood, the alarm will go off in your house.
These are the three most common types of smart sensors people use in their houses. Apart from these sensors, you can also use smart temperature sensors, light sensors, smoke sensors, and air quality sensors.