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Everything You Need to Know About WIFI Smart Wall Plugs
The twenty-first century is all about technology and innovation. Out of all the technology trends, the biggest one is “smart devices”.
Nowadays, most people prefer to purchase smart home devices instead of ordinary home appliances. These devices have smart functionality which makes the work easier for you along with saving power.
However, if you don’t want to invest in expensive smart home devices, you can use smart wall plugs. When you connect any electronic device to this plug, it will become a smart device.
WIFI Smart Wall Plugs:
These are plugs which we use in our house to connect electronic devices. However, these plugs come with smart functionality. It helps you to convert any device into a smart one.
For example, if you Buy Smart Plugs Online and connect your coffee maker with it, it will become a smart coffee maker. You can simply give voice commands to the plug to switch on the coffee maker.
Smart Wall Plugs are very easy to use. You can simply insert it into a socket. There is no need to permanently install it on the wall. 
These WIFI Smart Wall Plugs come with smart functions. You can use your smartphone to control it. Apart from that, you can also use voice commands to control it.
If you already have Alexa in your house, you can connect the smart plug with it. Once it is done, you can give voice commands to make the plug work.
How Does Smart Wall Plugs Function?
WIFI Smart Wall Plugs run on IoT technology. You need to simply insert the smart plug into the socket to start using it.
After that, you need to insert any other device in the plug, like a lamp or a mobile phone charger. 
Once it is done, you need to connect the smart wall plug with a home assistant. If you have Alexa, you can connect the plug with it. If you have Google Home, you can connect it with Google Assistant. 
You can also install the smart life app on your phone to use it. To start using the plug, you need to switch on the Smart Wall Plug and give commands. It will help you to switch on and switch off the WIFI Smart Wall Plugs. You can also set the timer in the plug.
Why Use a Smart Plug?
You can use a smart wall plug for various things. If you don’t want to buy smart devices, you can use these plugs to give smart functionality to any ordinary device.

Coffee Machine: You can use a smart plug to control the coffee machine. You can switch on the machine as well as switch off the machine.

Air Conditioner: You can also control the air conditioner with remote or voice commands by connecting it to a smart plug.

Lamps: If you are worried about home safety, you can plug in a lamp into the smart plug. You can switch it on and off at regular intervals of time to avoid burglars.

Types of Smart Wall Plugs:
There are many types of smart plugs available in the market. However, as per the regions and installation standards, they are divided into three types.

EU Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug: 

This type of smart wall plug is built as per European Standards of installation. You can use it if you reside in Europe. It will perfectly fit in the power socket.

UK Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug:

If you are living in the UK, you can use this type of WIFI smart wall plug. It is made per the UK installation standards. It will perfectly fit in the power socket.

US Wi-Fi Smart Power Plug:

This type of smart plug is built as per the US Standards of installation. You can use it if you reside anywhere in the United States. It will perfectly fit in the power socket.
This is all you need to know about smart plugs. Make sure you check all the information before you Buy Smart Plugs Online.