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WIFI Smart Wall Sockets: Five Amazing Things You Can Do With Smart Wall Sockets
Are you planning to upgrade your home?
If yes, you need to start automation of the most basic things like sockets, lights, speakers, etc.
If you want to complete home automation, the best thing you can do is invest in smart wall sockets.
Instead of using old and ordinary wall sockets, you can use Smart Power Outlets to improve home devices and appliances’ functionality.
Smart wall sockets help you give limited smart functionality to any home device. For example, if you connect the plug of an ordinary AC into a Smart Plug Outlet, you can give voice commands to operate the AC.
WIFI Smart Wall Sockets:
These are Smart Power Outlets which are installed in the wall. However, these sockets are not ordinary. It comes with smart functionality. You can connect it to the Wi-Fi in your house.
If you have any other smart device, you can connect it with the device as well. After the connection is set up, you can control the socket with your voice command and an app on your phone.
Many people opt for smart plugs instead of smart power outlets as they are cheap. But smart plugs take up a bit of space and spoil the look of the house.
If you want to make your house look elegant and spot-free, it is safe to go with WIFI smart wall sockets. These sockets are installed in the wall, so they don’t take up space. 
Apart from that, these sockets are available in various colors and textures to match the house’s interior. You can go with a glass panel wall socket for an aesthetically pleasing house.
Five Amazing Things You Can Do With Smart Power Outlets:
Smart wall sockets are very useful. You can do many cool and amazing things with these sockets.

Control Festival Lights:

If you are big on festivals, you can use these sockets to connect festival lights. You can use it for Halloween as well as holidays. As you can control the lights with remote and voice command, it will work as the best party trick. You can scare your friends and create a perfect Halloween effect. You can also use it to control Christmas lights.

Get Your Coffee Ready While in Bed:

Another thing you can do is switch on the coffee maker before you leave your bed. If you are too lazy to wake up and switch on the machine, you can simply use your phone to turn on the coffee machine in the kitchen.

Track Power Usage:

Smart wall sockets help you to track the power usage in the house. When you connect the different appliances to the socket, it records the power consumption. You can check the records on your phone to know the power usage of the different appliances. It will help you to save power by replacing power-hungry appliances.

Keep Your House Safe:

If you fear that someone will break into your house while you are at work, smart sockets can help you. You can connect a lamp with the socket and switch it on and off with the app’s help on your phone. It will create an impression that you are still in the house. It helps to prevent burglars from entering the house.
These are some of the cool things you can do with a smart plug outlet. It helps you to keep your house safe as well as save power.