Increasing Energy Efficiency with InfiHome Smart Devices and the SmartLife App

From the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, we use various forms of energy. However, as environmental concerns rise, it’s become more essential than ever to utilize energy efficiently. Thankfully, technological advancements, particularly in the realm of home automation, have made this goal attainable and convenient. Today, we’ll delve into how InfiHome’s smart devices, combined with the versatile SmartLife app, can significantly enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

To start, let’s focus on the primary energy consumers in every home: lighting. Standard light bulbs consume a notable amount of energy, but with InfiHome’s WiFi-enabled Smart LED Light Bulbs, you can reduce your power usage. These smart bulbs such as WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb Dimmable Lamp 13W RGB C+W E27, Smart WiFi LED Spotlight 7W RGB 2700K-6500K, and WiFi Smart LED Dimmable Lamp 7W RGB E27 offer customizable brightness levels, allowing you to optimize your lighting according to your needs. These bulbs use LED technology, which is far more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Plus, with the SmartLife app, you can schedule when your lights turn on and off, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption when no one’s at home.

Next, let’s talk about smart plugs. Traditional plugs constantly draw power when devices are plugged in, even when they’re turned off, leading to what is known as ‘phantom energy.’ By using InfiHome’s WiFi Smart Power Plugs such as the EU WiFi Smart Power Plug, UK WiFi Smart Power Plug, and the US Smart Wifi Power Plug, you can curb this energy waste. These smart plugs can be remotely controlled, enabling you to switch off devices completely and eliminate phantom energy. Furthermore, you can schedule your devices to turn on and off, ensuring they’re only drawing power when needed.

Energy efficiency isn’t just about lights and plugs, though. InfiHome’s smart switches and dimmers like the EU White WiFi Smart Light Switch, the WiFi Smart Light Dimmer Touch Switch EU White, and the Smart Dimmer Switch, Touch Glass, Black/White, Neutral Wire Required [US] further contribute to energy saving. These switches and dimmers allow you to regulate the intensity of your lights, only using as much power as required.

Additionally, the SmartLife app’s compatibility with these devices offers more than just remote control and scheduling. It provides energy consumption data, allowing you to monitor and adjust your usage habits. For instance, if you find a specific device is using more power than necessary, you can adjust its settings or schedule to maximize efficiency.

InfiHome’s Smart Sensors can also contribute to energy efficiency. Devices such as the WiFi Smart Flood Sensor Water Leakage Detector and the Smart WiFi Motion Sensor Human Animal Motion Detector can trigger other smart devices to activate or deactivate. This means lights can be programmed to turn off when no motion is detected, and you can be alerted to water leaks before they cause a significant increase in your water bill.

In conclusion, transforming your house into a smart home using InfiHome’s devices and the SmartLife app can have a significant impact on your energy efficiency. It’s not only a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, but it can also lead to considerable savings on your energy bills. With easy-to-use devices and an intuitive app, going green has never been more straightforward. Start your energy-efficient journey with InfiHome today, and make a smart change for a better tomorrow.

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